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Triangle Of Self-Obsession: Narcotics Anonymous

triangle of self-obsession

Triangle Of Self-Obsession: Narcotics Anonymous

The triangle of Self-obsession, When we are born, we are only aware of ourselves, we are the universe. We perceive little else other than our basic needs, and when these are satisfied, we are content. As our consciousness expands, we increasingly perceive a world outside ourselves. We discover, that there are people, places and things around us, and that they fulfill our needs. needs. At this time we also begin to also begin to recognize differences and develop preferences. We learn to demand and choose. We are the center of a of a growing universe and expect to get things we need and want. The basis of our satisfaction is changing, from the basic needs miraculously fulfilled basic needs, to the fulfillment of our desires.

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Triangle Of Self-Obsession Part 1

Most children discover over time, through experience, that experience that the outside world cannot satisfy all their wants and needs. can satisfy them. They begin to get what they
what they get through their own efforts. to supplement. While their dependence on people, places and things, they things, they begin to pay more and more attention to themselves.
more and more to themselves (Triangle Of Self-Obsession ).

triangle of self-obsession
triangle of self-obsession

They become more independent and learn that happiness and contentment come from within. Most continue the maturation process, recognizing and accepting their strengths, weaknesses and limitations. Usually they seek the help of a power greater than themselves than themselves, which provides them with what they cannot provide for themselves, what they cannot provide for themselves. Growing up is a natural process for most people.

Triangle Of Self-Obsession Part 2

As addicts, however, we seem to get stuck on the stuck on the path of never outgrowing the egocentricity of the child and never achieving the independence never achieve the independence that othersattain. We continue to rely on the world around us and refuse to acceptto accept that we do not get everything (Triangle Of Self-Obsession ). We become more self-obsessed; our
wants and needs become demands. We reach a point where satisfaction and fulfillment become impossible. People, places and things cannot possibly fill the void inside us, and we react to them with resentment, anger and fear.

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Resentment, anger, and fear form the triangle of self-obsession. All our character defects are forms of these three reactions. Self-obsession is the center of our insanity.

triangle of self-obsession
triangle of self-obsession

Triangle Of Self-Obsession Part 3

Most of us react to our past most of us with resentment. We relive our past experiences over and over again. experiences. Most of us react to the present of us to the present. It is our reaction to reality, and it is our denial of reality. Fear is what we feel when we think about the future. It is our response to the unknown; a negative fantasy. All three,

resentment, anger and fear,are expressions of our self-obsession. This is the way we react to people, placesand things (in the past, present and future) when they do not comply with our demands. (Triangle Of Self-Obsession )

In Narcotics Anonymous we get a new way of life and new ways and
and new ways. These are the Twelve Steps, and we work in them as best we can. If we can stay clean and learn to to apply these principles in all our affairs, a miracle happens.
miracle happens. We gain freedom – from drugs, from our addiction and from our self-obsession. Resentment is replaced by acceptance, anger by love, and fear by faith.

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We suffer from a disease that eventually forces us to seek help. We are fortunate to have only one choice, one last chance. And must break the triangle of self-obsession, we must grow up or die.

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