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The PILA Method To Combat Laziness And Take Action (No Postponement)


Attention! shake off laziness a little because what you are going to read from here on is very fast, fun and practical. Don’t worry it’s also very short. This article contains very easy and small actions that help you graduate from the sloth anonymous club.

I promise you that you will be surprised how easy it is to fill yourself with energy and finally take action to achieve what you want for a long time, what you have been putting off or what you know is important for your life and your well-being  (and of course which is not netflix)

So it doesn’t matter how big that mountain looks or how long that road is, because with the PILA Method you can take the first step immediately. Don’t let laziness get the better of you and keep reading.

“There is no path that does not end, unless laziness opposes it.” -Miguel de Cervantes

I think this is the shortest article in the history of Habiticamente and, not because I’m lazy to write, but because I want you to read it all this time.

Think about this:

Laziness is robbing you of opportunities, it is taking away valuable time, it is sucking your self-esteem, it is destroying your goals and illusions.

So, no matter what you call it: laziness, laziness, discouragement, reluctance…. aaaaaww and an endless yawn, the first thing to do is simply understand WHY you feel lazy.

If you notice I do not write: “understand why you are lazy” but “understand why you feel lazy”, and that is step number one before anything else.

First, take off the “I’m lazy” label.

It is not in your nature, it is not in your genes, you were not born lazy, but throughout your life, you have taken refuge in that definition, you have adopted it as part of your personality to stop doing, to stay where you are there, not to risk yourself, not to fail, or to justify yourself.

I see laziness as being hungry or thirsty.

That is, I can have it sometimes yes and sometimes not, at certain times more than others, but being hungry or thirsty does NOT define me as a person.

I explain myself better: I do not say to myself: “I am thirsty” but I say “I am thirsty” and then I try to find a solution that makes me “not thirsty”.

And laziness is exactly the same, so ask yourself what are you going to do today to stop feeling lazy? …

Feeling lazy may or may not be related to feeling tired, if this is your case, go directly to this article.

To give you a boost, I propose a simple method that helps you take action, feel full of energy, and be stronger in those moments when you feel that the wave of laziness is dragging you into the sea of ​​inactivity.

Get on your batteries and put the stack method into practice!

The PILA method to end laziness and take action

The PILA method to end laziness and take action …

It is a step by step in itself and it is very easy to remember, because you are guided by the letters of the word PILA

But if you are here, keep reading because this is the best part:

P for Permission

Excuse me? Yes, give yourself permission to fail or be wrong.

Sometimes we simply put off starting something and / or let laziness win us over to continue, for the simple fact that we are afraid of facing possible failure.

To be able to grant yourself this permission, change your perspective and start seeing bugs and errors as an opportunity. Only then can you really squeeze your full potential and learn.

Change your perspective: think that if everything goes as you want, that’s great! But, if it doesn’t go as is, then even better, so you will have a unique opportunity to improve.

  • Why does this step work?

The fear of failure can block your intentions to act 1 and prompts you to procrastinate2 So knowing that nothing will happen if we really fail gives you the freedom to take action and opens up the possibility of not failing!

I for Integrity

When we say that a person is integral, we generally mean that that person does comply with what they say. That is, her thoughts, her decisions and her actions are aligned, which makes her a trustworthy person.

You would not trust someone who tells you something and does the opposite, who tells you to be responsible and leaves you standing or who says that he is going to finish something and leaves it in the middle, right?

But that’s just what is happening with you.

You promise yourself that you will change and that you will do things for and for yourself, and in the end you end up like many politicians: a lot of gossip and little action.

This inadvertently weakens confidence in you and … how terrible that you do not trust yourself! that you yourself are not a person of integrity, a person of trust.

  • Why does this step work?

Some studies have shown that when you do not achieve a certain goal (either because you fail or because you do not even start) it can interfere with the successful achievement of other, even unrelated goals 3 4

A missed goal interferes with the success of other goals , but fortunately the study also concludes that meeting a previously missed goal eliminates this possible interference effect.

Start training integrity and keep what you promise yourself.

Very good, but how do you train integrity? …

The last 2 letters of the stack method tell you how.

L for List

Lists are an easy strategy that you can do in the comfort of your bed or sofa.

The simple fact of creating a list with the steps that you will be following to take action, already represents a great advance against laziness.

In this list, try to visualize and then write the steps to follow that will allow you to complete that activity or task that makes you so lazy.

The most important thing is to make it super megaarchire counter-specific, well if you were lazy to read that word, what I mean is that you be very specific with the steps to follow within your list.

For example: “Do my exercise routine”

  1. I get up from the couch
    1. Feet on the ground
    2. I stand up
  2. I put on my sports clothes
    1. I go to my closet
    2. I take off my shorts
    3. Then the shirt
    4. I dress up
  3. I do my exercise routine
    1. I take the mobile
    2. I open the app
    3. I follow the exercise
    4. I finished
  • Why does this step work?

A renowned researcher, conducted a study in 2011 in which he found that intrusive thoughts (such as laziness) about an unfinished project are reduced simply by designing a plan on how to eventually complete that project. 5

In other words, thoughts of laziness can be eliminated from your mind by simply visualizing the steps to follow.

We are already in the last letter….

A for Adjusts

This part is the most important of all.

Only by adjusting will you be able to cut off the head of laziness, take action and train your integrity, remember?

At first it seems that seeing so many things to do on that list can be counterproductive, but you will see that the simple fact of visualizing that the steps are easy and above all seeing that you progress very quickly makes you continue to the end.

Notice: in the example above, just by getting up and putting on your sports clothes, you’ve already completed more than 50% of the “exercise” task, which mentally sounds much better than “I haven’t even started yet.”

In addition, the list you just made (which you can even do comfortably from the couch) helps you visualize the steps realistically and find the weak points of your action plan.

If you find too many steps on your list to complete the activity, it is important to reduce them.

You read that right, your mission in this step is to reduce the number of steps between you and the moment of having that task completed.

Your goal is to start with very, very little

That’s the only way to instantly combat laziness – you have to start easy!

For example:

  • Going to the gym takes many more steps than doing 5 push-ups in your living room.
  • Reading or studying an entire chapter of the book represents many more steps than simply reading 2 pages
  • Going to the supermarket and cooking a healthy 3-course dinner represents many more steps than simply preparing a salad with canned legumes.

The difference is very important.

  • Why does this step work?

Starting small increases the chances of taking action 6 , if it is easy to run,  your mind relaxes and takes the first step without resistance.

This inertia of achieving it will make it easier in the future to complete a much more challenging activity or task, and that it requires more steps to follow.

So now you know:

Get the batteries with the PILA method and let yourself feel lazy

And what do you find the most lazy? I want to know more about you, write now in the comments

There is no laziness that justifies not sharing, huh?



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