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The 3 Everyday Actions You Can Do Today To Be More Disciplined

One of the biggest problems we face when we want to change a habit is a lack of discipline. Perhaps you are very clear about what you want to achieve, but this lack of discipline prevents you from achieving what you set out to do.

Being disciplined eases the way, makes you be constant and master those unnecessary impulses that stand in the way of your goal. Simply because discipline is a powerful tool.

In this article, are my top three tips for becoming more disciplined (the easy way) starting today and forever.

“Discipline has the potential to create future miracles” Jim Rohn

At university I had a friend whom we called “the lucky one.” He was the team’s goalkeeper and on the court it seemed he had superpowers. They almost never scored a goal and thanks to his talent, the team was champion year after year.

That is precisely what we all believed, that he had exceptional talent in goal, but, this was not entirely true.

Once I approached him to talk with him, he told me a little about what he did in his daily routine and, I was shocked. His day to day was much more complex and active than it seemed.

He would get up every day at 6 am and go for a run before going to college. After school I went without fail to all afternoon training. Not only that, every weekend he participated in at least one game at the club near his home. For him, resting was extremely important so his bedtime was stuck at 10 pm obviously right after a good balanced dinner.

The shocking thing was that he had been with this same routine for several years. And then I realized that talent was nothing more than the product of his discipline. His almost magical performance was simply the expected result of his daily habits.

After knowing her secret, of course I also wanted to be more disciplined and have that tool in my life, and I’m sure you too …

Discipline is a powerful tool

Being disciplined guarantees us to have good results in everything we propose.

It assures us the perfect outcome.

Unfortunately most lack this tool.

Simply because being disciplined is uncomfortable: It  means that we have to do something that, at that moment, we do not want to do and expect a reward that we cannot yet see. In addition, it forces us to control our urges and urges (which is tremendously difficult).

Let me ask you something:

Could you do something you don’t want to do in order to get a result that you really want?

If the answer is NO. It means you need to be more disciplined .

Self-discipline involves acting according to what you think (and what you propose to yourself) instead of acting how you feel at the moment

Think about this:

How many times have you snoozed the morning alarm? How many of you have considered the typical “tomorrow I’ll start doing sports”? What about that chocolate binge when you promised to eat better? What happened that day when you had a lot of work but checking Facebook could do more?

Trust me. I am intimately familiar with all these situations and I understand you.

We all have strengths in our personality, as well as certain weaknesses, but the key is to focus on those strengths and achieve discipline training.

Training discipline within our routine has become extremely important. In fact, some studies point out the lack of discipline and self-control as some of the reasons responsible for childhood obesity in some countries1

Which means that if young and old can be a little more disciplined, we can obtain benefits in all areas of our routine . Discipline implies a change of mind, which additionally helps you to have more perseverance to achieve everything you set out to do.

Here are some examples where being a little more disciplined translates into a complete improvement:

  • At work or school:  procrastination will fade from your routine. Because discipline helps you stay focused for longer without falling into the trap of unnecessary distractions. Successfully finishing everything you have pending.
  • At home:  discipline allows you to be more organized and do those household chores that we don’t like like: cleaning, tidying up, doing laundry, etc.
  • In your diet:  discipline makes it easy for you to cook at home, buy better food, make better choices in restaurants, and avoid unhealthy “temptations.”
  • In exercise or in your sport:  being disciplined motivates you to do your routine or your training regularly, even if you don’t have much desire or much motivation.

How can I have more discipline?

Although it sounds like something very complicated, let me tell you that it is a totally necessary sacrifice, simply because when you become more disciplined and enjoy this powerful tool, you can live more freely, create new habits and make healthier decisions without much effort.

Also, you have nothing to worry about because training discipline in your daily routine is not as difficult as it seems.

The following 3 daily actions help you train your discipline in a practical way

1.- Wash the dishes (scrub the dishes) immediately after eating

Maybe you like to wash dishes, maybe you don’t like it, or maybe you have a machine in your kitchen that does it for you. Forget all that and just do it right after eating, no excuses.

It is a simple exercise and may not have anything to do with your goals or the habits you want to change. But, it is a way to control your impulses, do something you don’t want and take action without procrastinating.

It’s just a small step: when you’re done eating your breakfast, wash your bowl and silverware. When you finish your coffee or tea, wash your mug.

You will feel better once you do it consistently.

2.- Make your bed right after getting up

It seems incredible but this action has more benefits than you imagine.

Having to take a few minutes to make your bed is a powerful exercise: simply because there is no urgency to do it and nothing bad will happen if you don’t do it at that moment; but you force yourself to do it as discipline training.

Also, making your bed has been shown to improve your productivity . It gives you the feeling that ” the first task of the day is accomplished” and motivates you to continue with those that follow.

Also, when you return home, the order will help you relax and enjoy the rest of the day with less to do.

3.- Finish the shower with cold water

If you’re braver, start with cold shower therapy . But, if you are starting your way to a more disciplined life, start showering with warm water (or whatever you prefer); but finish, at least the last minutes, with cold water.

This simple action forces you to face an awkwardness and to struggle with your own excuses. Which are generally responsible for our lack of discipline.

That’s it.

Doing these actions every day will  train your mind to discipline. And then it will pave the way to improve your self-control. For example: eat vegetables (even if you want to eat french fries) or do a few push-ups (even though you prefer to watch TV) or finish studying (even if you want to check instagram).

If you can’t take all 3 actions, I suggest you start with one and nothing else.

There are many more activities that help you improve your discipline such as: flossing after brushing your teeth,  always arranging your clothes in their place,  cooking at least one meal at home, separating the garbage, etc.

There are even 5 key habits that help you train discipline in your daily routine . If you manage to incorporate just one of the following habits, you will see that being disciplined becomes much easier.

It’s like a paradox, being disciplined helps you form habits and some habits help you be more disciplined.

So now you know, put these 3 daily actions into practice and adopt the tool of being more disciplined in your routine.

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