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How To Stop Feeling Fear Fast And Take The First Step To Achieve Everything You Set Your Mind To

We have all felt it. That feeling in the stomach that paralyzes us. “I can’t” thoughts cross your forehead and settle comfortably. Preventing you from achieving what you set out to do (once again).

Fear appears without permission and stays for a long time. Until you dare to do something about it.

Here is a quick and simple strategy to overcome fear (or learn to handle it better) and start taking action now.

Be brave and read on (or listen to the audio for free).

The last man on earth was sitting alone in a room. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. – The shortest horror story in the world: Knock, 1957.

It is night, but you cannot sleep. Everything is dark around you and you suddenly hear a window slamming heavily due to a gust of wind.

You know a storm is coming …

In that instant, you feel as if something has grazed your back and every inch of your skin bristles. You remain motionless, you have a strange feeling in your stomach and you don’t dare to turn on the light.

Until that feeling returns in the back. You take a deep breath and turn on the night light. Just when you turn there it is …

Did you feel scared?

Before telling you the end of the story, read on.

Fear is natural in human beings

Fear is present in our life for a fundamental reason: survival.

If we were not afraid of absolutely anything, our life would be in danger all the time. Fear is like a warning that something “bad” may happen. And then it gives you a little time to prevent it.

Animals are afraid and decide to attack or flee, always as an instinct for maximum survival.

We too have this instinct, but unlike animals, we anticipate these dangerous events well in advance.

And as a result, we worry and fear things that are only in our imagination. That we have only estimated (many times in the wrong way).

This fear takes us away from our goals and what we want to achieve . It forms a barrier between where we are now and where we want to be.

Therefore, even if you know that your life is not in danger, fear is still installed there, blocking your best intentions to achieve what you set out to do.

The fear comes from your imagination

That stormy night and after turning on the light, what do you imagine was in the room? …

(Take a few seconds to think about it, I’ll wait for you here …)

The vast majority of times ( except when chased by a wild bear ) fear is imaginary, so it comes from your mind.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in ghosts, or if you are afraid of death. The fear of what we do not know  is natural in the human being.

The fear of failing and being hurt physically, intellectually or emotionally is also natural.

One study showed that rejection is perceived in the brain as physical pain. .

That’s why not being selected for the basketball team is mentally and emotionally painful.

Things get even more complicated, because your mind has the ability to anticipate unfamiliar situations, and slow you down in order to protect your life or simply save you from a negative experience.

It is when we are afraid of facing a great challenge in which there are many things that could go wrong.

For example: some celebrities have confessed to being stage frightened and the sensation is so intense that they vomit backstage, or even sometimes on stage: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga are all scared backstage. Grammy-winning artist Adele told Vogue magazine: “I throw up quite a bit again before I go on stage.”

Hence the fear that absolutely all of us have felt (and it is not about the fear of spiders).

Unconsciously we are all afraid of this 

Have you ever felt that you were not good enough to achieve something?

Did you feel defeated even before you started?

This fear becomes our worst enemy when we want to achieve something: the fear of failure. 

And it becomes one of the biggest obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals .

The fear of failure is the biggest obstacle that prevents you from achieving your goals …

Surely more than once it crossed your mind: “What if I want to change and fail in the attempt?”

It’s not your fault.

Much of this fear comes from past experiences. Your brain manages to store some activities with negative rewards. And then when a similar situation appears, it slows you down. To avoid receiving this negative reward once again.

At other times you just don’t feel capable of doing it.

You know stories of people who have reached their goals, but you think that ” those people ” have some skills that you do not have.

It’s true, each person is different and some activities are probably easier than others. But this does not mean that other people are better than you.

This fact means that  those people also felt fear but managed to handle it properly so that it would not hinder them.

The good news is that you can learn to distinguish fear. Think if it is imaginary or if it is a real threat.

In such a way that with a single breath you can knock down that great barrier that at first seemed indestructible.

Don’t stop feeling fear, just learn to handle it

All the successful people you know (think of at least three)… They must have been afraid even if we don’t notice it. But, the difference is that they did not let “fear” stop them. And that is the point.

Feeling fear is natural, letting it slow you down to achieve your goals is a tragedy

Surely you also want to know how to feel fear and use it as a springboard towards your goal. Then I tell you how.

The worst-case strategy

Thinking about the most tragic thing that can happen to us is sometimes not as bad as it seems.

Much of our mental pain comes from this imaginary fear . That is to say, fear that events will occur that are still (perhaps) impossible for them to occur.

The night Michael Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame, he made a powerful statement that spoke to this point: “Limits, like fears, are just an illusion.”

If we EXAGGERATE this fear and imagine an even worse scenario, we can relax, calm that fear, and take action.

The worst-case scenario strategy to stop feeling fear and achieve goals …

To put this strategy into practice you just have to ask yourself:

What is the worst scenario that can happen if ________ (insert what scares you / your purpose / goal here)?

For example:

We have the case of Ana. For several months she has been trying to achieve her ideal weight . You have tried some diets and exercise plans . But there is always ” something ” that stops her midway, or sometimes before she starts.

He realizes that it is simply “fear” , disguised as some excuse such as “lack of time” , ” lack of willpower” , “lack of motivation” , etc, etc.

  • What exactly am I afraid of?

If I do not achieve my ideal weight, my effort is not worth it.

  • What bad can happen if you try to improve your habits?

Increase my weight more, be the mockery of others.

  • What is the WORST scenario?

Keep gaining weight until you can no longer walk. Being fired at my job and living on the street forever.

The point is that you will see your fear a little “silly” and too “unreal”.

Taking our fears to extreme conclusions helps us relax in the face of that fear that previously hindered us

You will realize that it is only your mind, and with one breath you can tear down that wall to advance.

NOTE: This strategy does not replace the caution that you must have.

Caution is different from fear:

The precaution is to wear a helmet, but do not stop riding a bike. Wear a seat belt but do not stop driving your car. Instead fear paralyzes you. It forces you to avoid bicycles and cars at all costs.

This strategy simply has the objective of making you see that the worst that can happen is not so serious. And then you relax and take action.

In other words, when your mind realizes this ” worst scenario ” and stops feeling fear, you can safely move forward to achieve what you set out to do.

Note: If you have a serious problem with a specific fear (or a severe phobia) it is important that you consult a psychologist who will evaluate you closely. 

The end of the story

… Take a breath and turn on the night lamp. Just when you turn there it is …

Before you can process the information in your head, the big scare forces you to wake up suddenly.

You feel drops of cold sweat running down your face on your forehead and with trembling hands you turn on the night lamp.

When you turn around you realize that everything was just a creation of your mind.

It was all about a bad dream.

Help more people overcome fear and share! 



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