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How To Get Into The Habit Of Reading In Your Daily Routine (+ Recommended Books)

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Learning to read is a privilege.

The problem is that most do not take advantage of it by reading regularly.

I think a lot of people approach reading the wrong way: they try to force themselves to read, and see reading as a difficult and tedious task. The good news is that getting into the habit of reading is more fun and easier than you thought.

In this article I have for you a simple way to read more and start the adventure of enjoying a good book. At the end you can take a free test to discover which is the perfect book for you (+ personal recommendations) 

” Always imagine that paradise would be some kind of library” – Jorge Luis Borges

Somewhere after ” I want to lose weight ,” ” I want to stop procrastinating, ” and ” I want to fall in love, ” the “I want to read more “ is one of many people’s top goals.

And with good reason …

A good book can be an incredible experience. It teaches you about things beyond your daily horizons, connects you with the brightest minds, and can create characters so lifelike that you seem to know them.

And the best thing is that we are fortunate to live in this time, why not take advantage of reading everything you can?

A few years ago (but not too many) books and in general access to information was accessible to very few people. At the time, the clergy and the Church guarded books like gold.

Currently access to information is unlimited. Most of us have the privilege of reading the books we want, even for free.

One of the largest libraries in the world is the New York Public Library, which has more than 3 million books along its shelves. In quantity it is more than a million bytes of information, can you imagine? …

Think about this:

How many books do you think you have read so far? How many books do you think you will be able to read throughout your life? 

Let’s do the calculation:

Life expectancy is 80 years (longer if you are lucky). Suppose you start reading (out of habit) at age 20.

If you read 1 book a week you will be reading approximately 2880 books. If instead you read 100 books a year, you would be able to read 5000 books in your entire life.

Imagine how many incredible stories and valuable information you can discover!

Imagine everything you are missing simply because you are NOT in the habit of reading!

I mean, what about all those fantastic adventures and beautiful romances? What about all the battles, heroes, and villains from the past that you’ve never heard of? What about all the fascinating things about the world that you haven’t yet you know?

I have read a lot and everything from a complex scientific article (which takes me time) to a fun adventure story that just blows away.

All the books that have passed through my hands have helped me in something, practically none went unnoticed.

But, I did not always have the habit of reading.

Why did I start reading?

Currently reading a book is one of my favorite activities, however, I confess that before I did not read so much or at least I did not read for my own pleasure.

I started to get excited about reading when I saw books as an ” escape .”

Just as many people have different escapes from everyday life.

With this I do not mean that the reality in which we live is bad, simply those spaces, such as going for a walk, riding a bicycle or meditating, help us to disconnect a little and relax .

(Think for a moment about that activity that you enjoy so much and with which time passes quickly)

For me, the habit of reading was at first a kind of therapy . For some reason, after reading I always felt more relaxed, in a better mood, and satisfied.

And this is because your mind connects with a literary world free of all the stressors that plague your daily routine.

The best part is that this is just one of many more incredible benefits, read on …

What are the benefits of reading?

I want to ask you an important question, so important that it may be the key to enjoying more years of life, seriously!

There you go:  how many hours did you spend reading books last week? …

That question was part of a powerful ongoing investigation with more than 20,000 retirees and conducted since 1990. 1 .

In 2016, the Yale School of Public Health analyzed data on the reading habits and health of more than 3,600 men and women over the age of 50, and an incredible pattern emerged 2 :

People who read books of any kind: fiction or non-fiction for about 30 minutes a day (for several years) lived an average of 2 years longer than people who read nothing 3

Here comes the best part: Book readers who reported more than 3 hours of reading each week were 23% less likely to die than their peers who only read newspapers or magazines.

Other studies have found similar results only in men 4 or only in women


These results are due to the effect that reading has on cognition, that is, on processes in your brain such as learning, attention, memory, language, reasoning, decision-making, etc.

Children who read books with their parents have better literacy skills and score better on intelligence tests

Reading a book forces your brain to make connections from chapter to chapter and over time, these neural networks can promote faster thinking and prevent the effects of aging on your brain, such as Alzheimer’s 

In fact, while you are reading this article or any form of literature, you are increasing your “cognitive reserves”; this is like a vocabulary store that can significantly delay the manifestation of mental decline9 in addition to improving your analytical thinking, creativity and problem solving10

It also improves your concentration, not only while reading but in other tasks as well. 11 .

Simply put, reading promotes healthy brain function in many ways

If this were not enough, reading also improves your emotional intelligence by increasing empathy, which promotes stronger and more positive social relationships, which contributes to an increase in your sense of happiness and mood. 12

Speaking of mood, nothing beats a good night’s sleep to wake up in a good mood, right?

That’s why reading can also help you get a deep and restful sleep (certainly something that Netflix cannot give you)  13

The benefits are almost as many as the number of copies in a library.

Reading is more than a means to an end … reading is an end in itself. It is a privilege, and that is how we should approach it, with enthusiasm and curiosity.

And although it is true that we all read to some extent, for example: at school, the newspaper in the morning, an interesting article or your favorite blog like Habiticamente.

The problem begins when you want to have the habit of reading, right? …

I want to start reading, how do I do it?

Like any habit, the habit of reading requires consistency.

Let me explain better: you have to read every day or at least from Monday to Friday, that is, have a routine to be constant.

– “Every day, impossible I can’t”

Wait! Don’t quit yet, I have step by step for you to help you achieve it and a test that will help you find your perfect book.

At the end you will find some extra tips that will give you that push to start reading today (no excuses).

Classical literature is beautiful, but at first it can be difficult to read.

I advise you to choose a simple book (even some for children or young people are fun).

One way to choose a book is by thinking about the type of movies you like to watch. Maybe you are more inclined to suspense or maybe romanticism and prefer a love novel.

The possibilities are endless. Research the best sellers or the most famous authors, you can also ask for help at the library or ask a friend.

Based on your results you find some recommended books. 

Once you are clear about which book to read, go to the next step …

2 Define when you are going to enjoy your book

Reserve a time of day in advance that you will be reading (you know there IS a space in your busy schedule).

Better than an exact time to start reading, I recommend that it be a range of hours or after an activity that is already a habit within your routine.

For example: before going to bed, on the way to school or work, after my daily activities, between 10 pm and until I am sleepy, etc.

3 Spend as much time as you can (it doesn’t matter if it’s little)

How long can you read (realistically)?

The goal is to start with short goals that are easy, for example, 2 minutes is perfect to start or read only 10 pages.

If 2 minutes is difficult for you, there is something even easier: just open the book (without reading it)

Don’t you think it works? …

You will be surprised to see that just by opening the book under the same schedule you will be creating a habit that will allow you to read as much as you want later.

If you already read regularly but want to read more, then set a longer reading time , for example: 30 minutes or a full chapter.

The point is that you be realistic and spend as much time as you can. The best part about reading is that reading itself is a great reward.

4 Write your entire plan and create a reminder

Now that you know what book to read, when and how much to read, you have a complete plan, but I recommend that you write it down on your agenda, calendar or in a note on your mobile.

Why? Because it has been seen that people who write their goals are more likely to achieve it because it is a form of personal commitment, in addition, this way you give it the importance it deserves and helps you organize yourself better so as not to fail.

The more detail you have in your written plan, the better! so it is also valid to add where you will be reading .

For example:  “After putting on my pajamas I sit on the couch reading for 20 minutes”

Create a physical reminder so you don’t forget to read.

This reminder can be a note on your nightstand, an alarm on your mobile, or simply put the book in a visible place.

5 Keep track of books read

The best part of starting a habit is seeing how far you’ve progressed over time.

Therefore, I have for you totally FREE a practical system to count the books you have already read and see your progress towards the goal.

Extra Tips to start reading without fail from today!

With these extra tips you can have the habit of reading without excuses right now:

  • Reading is not a duty, it is a time to enjoy

Stop viewing books as boring. Give yourself a chance to read just for fun (like watching a movie).

Make your reading time an experience:

Choose a place that you like and where you can completely relax. Take off your shoes and put on comfortable clothes. It’s also a good idea to include a refreshing drink or warm tea during this time.

If you read while traveling or waiting somewhere, sit in a comfortable position and where there is light.

  • Keep away any distractions while reading

Try to focus on reading (even for 2 minutes). Put away any distractions (mobile, TV, computer) and find a space inside or outside the home that relaxes you.

  • It is worth changing the book if it is boring (or you do not like it)

You are reading because it is fun.

So if a book just makes you lazy, change it up. But before you quit, give that book at least one more chapter a chance …

  • Don’t worry about speed

When you eat something tasty you chew it bite by bite slowly. The same goes for books: read just for the fun of it and take all your time to finish it (no pauses but no rush). 

Remember that the number of books does not matter, it is not a competition.

  • Share the experience with your friends and / or family

Tell your friends or family what the book you are reading is about. It is a way to motivate yourself not to stop doing it.

Another idea is to share the books you have read or are reading on a social network.

If you have young children, reading can become a pleasant moment and at the same time form the habit of reading in your routine and in that of your children

  • Take your book everywhere to take advantage of the time 

While you are on your way to work or while you wait in the boring line at the bank you can read. Take advantage of those dead minutes to turn the pages of your favorite book.

Not sure which book to start with?

Take the test here and discover your perfect book to start reading

There are no excuses to start reading from today. 

And you , do you have any more ideas on how to read more? Or maybe you have any book recommendations?

Share your answer in the comments!

Share and help more people discover the amazing world of books 



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