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Fight jealousy and mistrust with flower essences

Fight jealousy
Fight jealousy

Fight jealousy and mistrust with flower essences.

Fight jealousy, The essences produced by Bach flowers can act as allies when trying to combat jealousy. Do you want to know how? Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that helps facilitate, among other things, personal relaxation. Fight the jealousy that causes you so much suffering with flower essences to improve your mood and relationship.

To achieve this, in this article, we explain which are the most suitable essences to better cope with reactions of jealousy, mistrust, envy, etc. Discover them!

Fight jealousy to be happier.

Those who suffer from jealousy regularly know how terrible they are and how they damage relationships with a partner, family, friends, or work colleagues; since they are limited to the sentimental field.

As an article published in 2017 by the Journal of Adolescence well describes, jealousy arises as a psychological reaction to what you consider a threat. Related to mistrust or self-esteem, they can also be linked to other reactions such as envy or fear.

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Most people have been jealous at some point. However, some feel them daily, which prevents them from being happy; since they are aware that they suffer from them, they do not know how to avoid them.

Fight jealousy most naturally, with the help of Bach flowers. Some flower essences that will allow you to become aware of this problem, understand why you suffer from it, and use it as a challenge to improve as a person.

How do flower essences help fight jealousy?

Once you accept that you suffer from jealousy and identify negative psychological reactions regularly, it is the ideal time to seek solutions that help you calm or alleviate them. For this, you can count on natural allies in the form of flower essences. In this case, the Bach flowers.

By taking Bach flowers, you are supposed to help achieve a greater relationship status to control emotions, which will allow you to weigh the concerns of the day today. According to an article published by Perspectives in Psychiatric Care,  anyone can take them. Even young people and pregnant women are more likely to feel a greater sensitivity to jealousy.

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However, we recommend consulting with a specialist. Above all, if you cannot calm the situation, an investigation carried out in 2001 showed that studies must continue to determine this natural method’s true effectiveness since there was no variation between those who took this remedy and those given the placebo.

Therefore, the psychologist is the one who can advise you appropriately to deal with those moments in which you feel concerned.

Which are the most suitable?

Next, we detail which would be the most useful flowers; following the recommendations of experts in the area :

  • Holly (holly): the most suitable for jealousy, especially when accompanied by other negative feelings, like anger or envy.
  • Chicory (chicory): this flower is intended for those whose jealousy is related to an excess of possessiveness towards loved ones. They give themselves a lot to them, but they also demand the same.
  • Larch (larch): fights jealousy while improving self-esteem, which is the weak point of those who suffer from it. They do not trust themselves, so they are afraid of losing the person they love.
  • Mimulus (Mimulus): in the case of this flower, it helps to fight jealousy caused by the fear of being alone.
  • Star of Bethlehem (chicken milk): when jealousy is suffered from a past event that traumatized the person, for example, those who have previously suffered infidelity.

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How to take them?

You can take up to a maximum of 7 mixed flowers at a time. However, it is best to use only those that are needed.

  • Maintenance: 4 drops under the tongue, 4 times, distributed during the day.
  • In moments of crisis: 4 drops under the tongue every half hour. You will space them as you notice an improvement until you reach 4 times a day.

Perform the treatment for at least 21 days to assess the results. But do not forget to go to a therapist to determine which flowers you will need in a more personalized way.

Where to get them?

Bach flowers can be purchased today in herbalists or some pharmacies. Besides, it is possible to request a single flower or the mixture already prepared. And, to preserve them, make sure they are at room temperature.

However, New York psychologist Michele Scheinkman recalls that it is best to consult with a personal therapist if you do not feel improvement.

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