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Build, strengthen and radiate self-confidence


Build, strengthen and radiate self-confidence

Build-self-confidence, The meaning of the words Self-confidence, self-image, Self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence:

Action aids

Let’s take a look at the words self-awareness and self-confidence and all other terms with the “self” and their deeper meanings. It describes how you see, perceive, experience and are aware of yourself. Like an assessment that you make of yourself.

The different parts of yourself each have a voice. Depending on which part of you is strongest, you experience yourself as more or less pleasant.

  • Should the Inner Critic be loud, self-doubt comes to the fore.
  • If the Inner Impulse is loud, then you are still not satisfied with what you have already achieved and self-esteem and self-esteem are not as strong.
  • If the inner child feels hurt, whether by experiences from the present or from childhood, then self-acceptance and self-love are low.
  • If the inner child is like your “compassionate self”, then you can perceive your feelings lovingly, take yourself in your arms and say to yourself: “You are good as you are. You are in harmony with yourself, you feel good and that is what counts ”.

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  • If the adult self is in the foreground, then you have the confidence and the knowledge within you that you are unique. And valuable to this world just as you are. They know everyone makes mistakes and falls because that’s part of our lives. And that’s why you get up again and are happy that every day is a new beginning. Very often there is also a helpful hand and people who support you. And you accept the help offered.

Self-esteem and confidence

Let’s take a closer look at the word self-respect: the word implies that we take care of ourselves, that is, watch out. That we are not harmed, that we are fine. And it is also part of the fact that we respect ourselves in the sense of being aware of how important we are for ourselves. Then we can pay attention to ourselves, be mindful of ourselves, give each other attention and show respect.

There is also the word “attention” in(Build-self-confidence) it, in the sense of “full concentration for yourself” because you are valuable. Valuable because you are the most important person in your life. You feel about yourself and you are as compassionate with yourself as you are with a good friend.

Confidence and self-respect go hand in hand. They reinforce each other.

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Build up, strengthen and radiate the “self”:

practical exercise

Many good resolutions to change something fall by the wayside in everyday life, in the habit, in the stress of the diverse requirements. Getting used to habits, such as brushing your teeth, is something you learn through prolonged practice, usually in childhood(Build-self-confidence).

Changing something, like dealing with yourself, means changing habits and perspectives and also takes practice, practice, practice and sticking to it.

You can make cheat sheets for this as a reminder of the mirror you look in when you brush your teeth in the morning. And the refrigerator door that you open every day. You can think of other suitable positions.

Here are three things you can make a habit of when dealing with yourself.

Assuming you have decided to change something !!!

1. Be nicer to yourself.

Focus on topics and areas of life that you are good at and feel good about. Collect moments of success. Make yourself feel good. Take a break more often. Eat and drink whatever you like. 😊

Eating and drinking hold body and soul together(Build-self-confidence).

2. Take good care of yourself.

Self-care is sensible and good. Because then you also have strength for other things and for other people.

In the aircraft, in emergencies or disasters and in the fire brigade, self-rescue is always more important than external rescue.

Because you can only help others if you are “sure of yourself”.

3. Be your best friend

Be just as understanding, uplifting, comforting and loving for yourself as you are with a good friend. Look in the mirror, smile at yourself and say out loud: “I like myself, I like myself the way I am”.

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Implement, DO, take action

When you’ve made the decision to make a change, doing it and sticking to it is the key to success. And if today is not the way you would like it to be, say to yourself: “Today I did as well as I could. I’m proud of myself and I’m happy: I’m on my way. And tomorrow is a new day and with it a new beginning. I can start again every day ”(Build-self-confidence).



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