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Be Gentle With Yourself: Learn How Is That

Be Gentle With Yourself

Be Gentle With Yourself: Learn How Is That

Be Gentle With Yourself ; Have you already had the experience? You want to do something particularly well – and you are really trying hard – and yet it doesn’t work out the way you imagined it?

Why is that?

When we try very hard, when we definitely want to do something very well, then we tense up. Consciously or often unconsciously.

Just remember a situation in which you really wanted to do everything right. That could have been during a presentation, a customer meeting, a date, a specific training session, an exam …

Just remember: how did your body feel?

You will likely encounter tension once you feel inside yourself. It is precisely these tensions that prevent it from simply flowing. These tensions prevent things from “happening”.

In a double sense: all that is really in us cannot come out. It cannot “happen” as tension is holding it back.

As a result, the real successes often cannot “happen”.

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What can you do instead?

Be gentle with yourself. When you have something important to do, an important meeting, conversation, exam – or an exciting date, be gentle with yourself. Don’t try to do it too well.

Because this inner tension often prevents us from really expressing what is within us.

If you are well prepared for your appointments, try to relax beforehand. It will be better when you are relaxed. When you are gentle with yourself.

Be Gentle With Yourself
Be Gentle With Yourself

And you can’t really prepare for a date anyway.  Just be yourself. And don’t try too hard.

Just try this approach out in practice. At your next important appointment, go in consciously relaxed. Don’t do it too well. Do your best, but don’t do it too well. Keep your smile.Keep your ease. Just stay relaxed. Be open to the things that can “happen”.

Be gentle with yourself

In the last few days, I kept observing that I was judging myself pretty hard.

My inner dialogue then went something like this:
“Why didn’t you …”
“You finally have to …”
“It was clear that you couldn’t do it again …”
“Can’t you pay attention …”

This type of self-talk is quickly automated and disappears in the subconscious. In addition to the immense pressure from outside – the environment – there is also the homemade one.

Everyone is a valuable being – regardless of what he or she is doing or not.

I have therefore made a spring resolution, maybe it will also fit you:

Be Gentle With Yourself
Be Gentle With Yourself
  • practice neutral acceptance of what is currently happening (angry and grumpy only wrinkles, but changes the situation in the rarest of cases – on the contrary, it often gives rise to a feeling of “insurmountable”)
  • Maintain a gentle and friendly tone with me (pressure usually only creates counter-pressure)
  • Show empathy and understanding for me, because the world is a mirror, and what is going on inside I can also recognize on the outside.
  • Do something good for me every week and show me my appreciation (massages, sauna visit, walks in the countryside, …)

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I wish us every success and have fun with the implementation.

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