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9 habits that affect creativity

habits that affect creativity
habits that affect creativity

9 habits that affect creativity

Habits that affect creativity, Creativity is impaired by habits that sometimes we don’t know we have, such as lack of freedom and overwork. But there are more problems and we must detect them to prevent them.

How do we improve our ability to generate new ideas or concepts as original thoughts? All this entails searching for valuable solutions or proposals for a given situation. So what habits affect this creativity? Can we all be creative? Yes! Because it is a mental process.

Humans are born with a creative capacity; only some can develop it, while others cannot. However, there is nothing that cannot be solved. In this case, correct stimulation promotes creative thinking in anyone.

1. Distractions are habits that affect creativity

If it happens to you that you cannot spend 30 minutes doing the same activity because too many things happen around you that distract you or attract your attention, then there you have a first obstacle that is affecting your creativity. You must find a way to focus your attention and increase concentration to encourage creative thinking in the search for solutions.

You can help yourself with the pomodoro technique, which is nothing more than a method to improve time management dedicated to a specific activity. It was developed in 1980 and has proven to be very useful in avoiding distractions.

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2. Compare yourself to others

We all have something that makes us different. It is not about wanting to be the same as the competition, but about finding what distinguishes us from the rest and exploiting it. Focusing on looking like others will take up too much time, and at the end of the day, only wear and tear will remain. While you are like this, you will not encourage creative thinking.

Write down on a piece of paper visible to you all the strengths that characterize you in the area you want to increase your creativity and originality. At the same time, you will see how your self-confidence will increase and creative thinking will begin to emerge naturally.

3. Lack of freedom and autonomy

Have you ever had to work with a client or boss who imposes their personal ideas on you? This translates into a lack of freedom and autonomy, which is a habit that affects creativity in the medium term. Finding yourself in an environment where you cannot develop your visions is an obstacle to innovation.

If you feel too pressured, it is best to run away. Otherwise, you will not be able to grow with your own goals, creative, and personal. You will surely find a place where you can develop your full potential!

4. Integrating homogeneous work teams alters group creativity

Something homogeneous is that which is made up of similar characteristics. If your team has more or less the same ideas, they will find themselves in a creative stagnation that will not allow them to move forward.

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To do this, it is best to create a heterogeneous team in which multiple occurrences converge. All members will contribute different visions that will complement each other.

5. Overwork

If you dedicate too much time to your work and do not leave even a small space to develop your hobbies, you face a habit that affects creativity. Allow yourself a time of day in which you write down in your daily agenda all those ideas that you think will contribute something different to what you have been doing.

American neuroscientist Daniel Siegel recommends finding a way to rest your mind, without distractions such as smartphones. Go for a walk, allow yourself to daydream and let your thoughts fly to bring out the creative you carry within.

6. Fast forward

Some people have developed the creative part of the brain, located in the right hemisphere, but they do not stop doing the necessary analysis and go at a very fast pace. Remember that balance is the foundation of success that must go hand in hand with creative thinking.

If you don’t stop to analyze what you are doing, there may be details in the end in terms of quality that you regret. Take the time to study every detail!

7. Perfectionism

If there is something that needs creativity, it is freedom. Meanwhile, perfectionism is the complete opposite of it. It’s okay to want to see that your work is perfect, but obsessing over it will get in the way of that side of experiencing what’s beyond what you’ve already done.

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8. Lack of recognition

Do you feel like you do too much, but your work is not recognized at the end of the day? This is a fairly common habit that affects creativity. By feeling that what you do is not valued by your team, you will immediately limit yourself and have no motivation to fully exploit original thoughts.

9. Have limited resources

With resources, we mean money and time, which is very valuable when we talk about habits that affect creativity. If you do not have enough moments to develop original, innovative and creative thoughts and ideas, then you will fall into a standstill.

Tips to encourage creativity

Although many habits affect creativity, you should not be discouraged by them. There are also some tips that you can apply now to increase your creative thinking and see all the incredible ideas you can generate.

Pencil and notebook

Make sure you take a pencil with a notebook with you wherever you go. You never know at what time of day you might have a great idea and you should write it down right away so you don’t lose track of it. Believe it or not, this is a practice that many creatives do.

let yourself go

If something that characterizes those who are known as creative, they are carried away by their ideas, no matter how crazy and incomprehensible they may seem. Don’t be afraid to develop one that you have had.

Allow yourself to dream and go for what you think will be a novelty in your work or any other area. Look at the glass as half full and not half empty.

Be organized

Now, the organization can not be missing to encourage creativity. Although it is a spontaneous mental process, you must have a kind of agenda with your ideas and what area or time you want to work them. The best thing for this is to carry a notebook with dates.

Keep learning

Do not stay in one place. Creativity requires that the person be in a constant learning movement to bring out the best of himself.

Read new books, research the latest trends, listen to motivational stories. There are many activities you can do to encourage creative thinking.

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Habits that affect creativity can be combated

Now that you know what habits affect creativity and some tips to leave them behind, then it is time to unleash the creative you carry within. Forget about copying other people and develop your own ideas that will surely be fantastic and make a difference in your work area.



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