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8 steps to overcome self doubt and be confident


Self-doubt is that depressing thought, that little voice that keeps on telling you can’t and keeps on asking what if the worst happens.

Been there? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one. Before launching this blog I had a huge, giant doubt on myself. Before I had the guts to launch this blog I have thought a million times about starting a blog, would have read thousand blog tutorials, have written hundred domain names, and have also launched some 25 to 30 blogs…. And deleted all of them within a few days

I wasn’t sure whether I can start and maintain a blog. I took a lot of quizzes available online to ensure whether blogging was my thing. Every one of the quiz and post gave me a green signal yet I wasn’t sure of myself. Even this blog remained private for months, until one day I finally launched this blog. How did I do that? How did I overcome this self-doubt that was getting on my nerves?

Stop negative self talk

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This is the first thing you’ll have to do. It’s as important as a basement to a building. For a moment sit straight, think of what you have been trying to achieve and say to yourself “I can do it.” Make yourself believe you can do it. Whenever you catch yourself having a negative self talk consciously change it and say “You can.” This change can’t happen overnight. It may take some days or months in some case. But you have to believe in yourself and stop negative self talk gradually

Action step: Whenever a negative thought pops up in your mind consciously change them. Change the negative thought into positive. For example, Change “I will never be able to do that” into “I am not able to do that but I will learn to do it!”

Don’t compare


I have been doing this for a long time without realising how it can hinder my growth. I used to compare myself with those pro bloggers. And then it becomes more convenient to have a negative self talk. No! Don’t do that. If you look at a person and think you can never do that, remember, they didn’t compare themself with someone else.

That’s why today, you look up at them. Moreover, like they say every expert was once a beginner. Who knows ? You may become a expert next month if you start today. The only way to find out is START NOW and never compare.

Throw that perfection out

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This is another creeper like thing that kills you slowly. It’s okay to look out for flaws, but in the process we tend to look out on every single detail. I have spent hours customising my website and changing themes. Nothing is perfect! That’s the truth. You’ll surely find a minus point in everything. So embrace the imperfection and move on with what you have now. You’ll eventually develop.

Remind yourself why you wanted it

There was this day in the past when the goal formed in your mind. Why did you want to do it? Remind yourself. Did you want to go on a hike? Did you want to start a website? A business? However big or small it maybe, when you knew the idea, your inner voice said that you should be doing this. Then why did you start telling yourself that you aren’t capable of doing that? Did you want to start a business, so that you can quit this irritating 9 to 5? Then why are you clinging on to the same irritating thing? Move on.

Action step: Write on a paper what is your most important goal and also write why do you want to achieve that. Whenever you doubt yourself look at that paper

Don’t be afraid of failure


This is the sole reason for all the what ifs that pop inside your mind. What if whatever I am going to try becomes a failure? You won’t know unless you do it. And even if it turns out to be a failure, you’ll have a lesson. You can find out that loophole in your idea and fix it. The result will be a more stronger, better idea.

Don’t be afraid of opinions

This also is a major hurdle for everyone. Maybe you’ll have a out of this world idea. And when you say this to your people you know, they may laugh and find it silly just because they don’t understand. Does that matter? No, they don’t. It’s okay if your friends laugh upon you.

Visualise the day when you will prove that your idea is right. What will those dumb people who laughed at you do? Some may fume silently. Some may come to you and say, “I always knew this idea would workout. I just acted as an catalyst.” People change when your position change, so it’s your opinion that matters. Not thiers. SO stop taking things personally

Plan it

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Now that you are clear on what you want, make a plan. If you want to be an author, we don’t want a plan that says to write thousand pages in a day. Have a plan that can actually be executed, more realistic. Plan on what you are going to write about, then decide how you want to write it, give a rough outline to your idea. With this you’ll know that you can do it.


After all, it depends on it. SIMPLY START IT! BECAUSE IT’S YOUR FREAKING DREAM. (Sorry for shouting) Start no matter what. No, not tomorrow. You are going to start it today, now. But I am at work? Well, if you have the time to read this post, then you’ll definitely have a minute to kickstart your dream. If you have been dreaming of starting that workout challenge, kickstart with an arm workout for a minute right now. You can continue it later, but for now, start it.

Let’s start the first step right here. Stop your negative self talk and comment what you would say positively about your dream. I would love to hear ♡



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