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5 tips to increase your confidence

increase your confidence
increase your confidence

5 tips to increase your confidence

Increase your confidence; You are a unique person. To gain confidence in yourself, you mustn’t compare yourself with others because neither your characteristics nor circumstances are the same.

Sure, like everyone else, you want to achieve your goals and be successful in life, but you need to gain security and confidence in yourself to achieve it.

Confidence in yourself is that ability that allows you to believe in yourself, that you are good at what you do, and have a full assurance that you will achieve what you set out to do.

Feeling confident about yourself should be part of your well-being and your satisfaction with life.

On the other hand, the lack of confidence will make you feel fear, emotional blockage, that you think you cannot achieve what you set out to do, to the point that you do not even try.

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“In the short term avoiding challenges due to lack of confidence makes you feel safe,” says Chris William, professor of psychology at the University of Glasgow. “In the long term, it reinforces your doubts and your inability to act,” concludes William.

Lack of self-confidence limits your full potential. If you feel like you don’t have faith in yourself, don’t worry, most people go through the same thing at some point in their lives.

Why do you feel a lack of confidence in yourself?

Negative thoughts

Of all the thoughts we have throughout the day, about half are usually negative.

These are believed to be self-warnings based on past experiences and to be part of the survival mechanism that is activated in the brain.

Often, this normal process turns against us and leads us to focus more on our fears instead of focusing on getting what we want.

Pessimistic expectations

The pessimism goes hand in hand with a lack of confidence. Sometimes you assume that everything will end badly because you will be prepared if you fail. However, this way of proceeding does not help build your confidence.

Pessimism lowers your performance and effectively causes you to have poor results.

5 tips to have confidence in yourself

By changing some habits, you can improve this important aspect. Pay attention to these tips and trust yourself:

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1. Forget about negative thoughts

Train your mind to say “goodbye” to negative thoughts. Focus on what you want to achieve and the path you must travel to get there.

When you think negative things, reaffirm your best qualities for yourself and, if you feel that you falter in that attempt, seek support from those close to you.

You will be surprised by the good opinions they have of you and your achievements.

2. Frequently recall your previous achievements

More than remembering your achievements, remember how you did it. To motivate yourself, you can write the step by step of the path you traveled to reach your goal and look for the similarities with the current objectives you are considering.

List on that same paper the skills you had to apply in each of the previously obtained achievements.

This exercise helps you see that you can still do it now if you did it before.

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3. Don’t compare yourself

Comparing yourself to others is a big mistake that negatively affects your confidence. It is important to understand the individuality of each person.

We are all different, with different abilities and goals.

There will always be someone who is already where you want to go. However, you must also remember that someone is behind you, trying to get to where you are(increase your confidence).

4. Accept your failures

Failures are part of success. There are even very successful people who have overcome great obstacles and have made their stories a source of inspiration.

Failures are a great source of teaching, as they indicate what went wrong and what you should not do next time.

Don’t let your failures diminish your confidence. Take them wisely, learn from them and continue on your way to success.

5. Take action

If you don’t, no one will do it for you. So, leave the fear and carry out that project you have in mind.

If the mistrust symptoms assail you, ask yourself, “What is the worst that could happen to me?” and analyze if you are giving too much importance to the small problems that may arise.

Remember two things:

  • You should not focus on the cons but on all the benefits of reaching your goal.
  • If you do not act, you lose 100% of the opportunities to achieve what you want.

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Try to put these tips into practice, and you will see how your confidence increases. This will allow you to achieve what you want and succeed in your life.



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